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Real Estate Marketing Template

Real Estate Marketing Software has advanced in sophistication since the dramatic expansion of the Internet over the past many years. Many counties provide interfaces which allow real estate marketers to download complete listings of properties for specific states and counties. However, sorting through this data is an arduous task which is beyond the capabilities of most real estate marketing companies that rely on spreadsheets to analyze and select properties for their real estate acquisition campaigns.

We were contacted a few years ago to create a comprehensive system to provide a sophisticated query and analysis software system with tools to select real estate property for marketing promotions. The concept basically to be able to retrieve a select group of properties from the software and then to send marketing campaign letters to the property owners inquiring if they are interested in selling their property.  A series of up to three letters will be sent in cases where there is no response from the real estate owner. The real estate marketing software also tracks response rates to marketing letters and provides a buyer/seller contact management function to record communications with real estate owners.

Below you will find snap shots of our custom Real Estate Marketing template software.

The marketing software user interface welcome screen is shown below:

Land/property parcel data is managed on the form below.  There are so many fields associated with each property unit that we have split them into three sections:

Query Fields:  These fields are primary used to select property parcels based upon their characteristics - size, value, zoning, etc.

Question Fields: Blank fields are created for property owner's response to certain questions such as: Has the property ever been listed? Or, are their title problems with the property?

Data Fields:  All the other detailed information which the county supplies with each land parcel.

Next we are going to create a marketing campaign.  First step in the screen below is to enter a name for this campaign; the date is automatically filled in.  We can also add a more description sentence or two about the campaign.

The next step in the process of real estate marketing is to create a marketing campaign.  This task typically involves selecting a group of properties by their specific characteristics.  In our example below we are selecting all properties which are zoned R-2A, 'One-family Residence District'.

Microsoft Access provides sophisticated data filtering capability on each form in the 'Record' menu choice.  Here we are using the 'Filter by Form' option.

In the parcel filter screen below we type in "R-2A" in the zoning field.  We could also select properties based on any combination of other fields and there is a built-in OR capability too.

At this point we tell the marketing tools software to filter the records.  The result is a set of 311 records matching our zone filter. (See below).

Then we populate these land parcels into the campaign by pressing the 'Pop Campaign with Records' button.

This completes the parcel selection process for this marketing campaign.

The screen below manages communication and response to/from the real estate owners.  The system is design to allow up to three letters to be sent to each owner.

After Select Letter To Send field is entered then the user simply presses the Create Letters button and all letters will be created with merged owner information.  The system is designed to use envelopes with see-through address section so there is no need to print envelopes.

A second letter would be sent to all non-respondents from the first letter - the system knows who responded from data entered in the Logs by Letter screen.

Below is an example of the real estate marketing letter.

Note that each letter contains a code in the upper right corner.  The code provides an easy method for locating the properties record in the Logs By Letter screen below.  The marketer typically we call the owner and ask a series of question about property and title status.  This information is entered into the form below.

The base price of the Real Estate Marketing template is $5,000.  We can also create a similar custom software to match your real estate marketing requirements.

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