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Here is a randomly selected programming tutorial:

Insert Into Query

MS Access Front End to Corporate Databases

ODBC Interface to Databases Like Oracle/SQL Server/MAS90

The single form below replaced 15 separate, nested forms.  The original user interface was almost impossible to use without extensive training and practice.  As you can see by this screen example all functions and subjects are available from this single form.  Forms are dynamically overlaid making the user interface appear to be a single form.

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Did you know that most template databases often do not do exactly what you need done? We can create a custom template that fits your needs exactly.

The subject buttons at the bottom of the screen cause those related fields to overlay onto the existing screen making the user feel the are on the same screen.  This overlay method make the interface appear much simpler to the user.

New capability has been released by QuickBooks providing an ODBC (called QODBC) interface for QuickBooks systems.  The new functionality provides the ability to management QuickBooks data directly from Microsoft Access.  Additionally, users can add supporting tables to the QuickBooks table on the Access side.  This new feature greatly extends the capability, functionality, and ease of use of Quickbooks.

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