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Visual Basic Function Examples

Email Report Attachment from VBA

Send Microsoft Access Report as Outlook or Other Email Attachment

Here is a simple method for mailing an Access report to someone as an attachment. This VBA example uses the docmd.sendobject to email the report in rich text format (RTF). This method should work with any email program running on your PC and should also work for sending a PDF email attachment.  The VBA programming code follows:

Public Sub MailIt()

On Error GoTo Error_MailIt

Dim Rst As Recordset

open the table that the report reads to make sure there is a record in it.

Set Rst = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("EmailRpt", & _ DB_OPEN_DYNASET)

If Not Rst.BOF Then

    DoCmd.SendObject acReport, "RptEmailAdjustment", & _
    "rich text format (*.rtf)", strEmailAddressGlobal, , , & _
    StrSubjectGlobal ,  StrMessageGlobal

End If

    Goto OK_Exit:


    MsgBox Error$ & " MailIt " GoTo Exit_MailIt

    Resume OK_Exit



    Set Rst = Nothing

End Sub

More recent versions of Access give you the ability to output reports in PDF format directly.  This makes it much easier to send reports since almost everyone is used to opening PDF attachments in their emails.


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