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Create a Multi-Select List Box in Access
For Selection of Query Parameters

Learn how to setup and program a multi select parameter list for supplying parameters to a Microsoft Access query.  There are many methods used to supply parameters to Access query and reports.  The multi select list box demonstrate a power method which adds flexibility to your Access queries and reports.

Our list box parameter example used the extended property of the list box to allow the user to select multiple entries by using a combination of the CTRL and Shift keys.  The downloadable Access database provides all the tables, forms, and queries to give you the knowledge to get started create flexible queries and reports for your users.

The example uses a combination of SQL, VBA and forms design methods to create a simple yet powerful tool for your Access tool kit.

Also see a detailed discussion of the methods used for this example in our forms programming section under multi-select parameter form query

List Box Query Parameter Form/

You may use the multi select list box technique to directly filter a report.  Using our example, the report filter would like this: "state in (select state from t_states)".  However, this method would likely be slower than filtering the query itself.  Also remember to create an index on the State field in both the M_Customers and the T_States table in order to speed up the query.

Download the multi select list box query parameter Microsoft Access database.

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