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Send Email to Outlook

Download the Access Visual Basic Outlook API to open up an email message from an Access form. You can use this VB code to automatically fill in the subject and body text of the email.  The download also demonstrates the ability to attach an external document to the Outlook email. We frequently use MS Access recently added ability to output reports in PDF for to send invoice to customers using the email attachment feature.

Here is a snapshot of the code contained in the database example download:

Send Email From Access to Outlook

Click here to download the Download Access Email Example.

Send Email Access Outlook Code Example

To get rid of the annoying MS Outlook popup requesting you to verify that you want to send the email you can try out ClickYes software.

Stuck with Email from Access problem? Don't waste your time. Give us a call and we will solve the problem or there is not charge!

You can combine this technique to automatically notify groups or individuals of action items requiring their attention or other business situations that need addressing.  We combined the techniques highlighted here is autonomous Access databases which run under control of the windows scheduled tasks system to periodically wakeup and set appropriate emails and then go back to sleep again.

Here are some other resource on our website about sending and receiving emails from/to Microsoft Access:

Access Gmail CDO database example download for you to practice with.

CDO Email Gmail From Access VBA
Email From MS Access: How to send email from to Outlook - an Access Email API ...

A 2nd example Send Gmail Email using CDO Method.

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These additional features are demonstrated in our Access Send Email example. ...

Outlook Email Access
We have three examples showing how you can make your Access database interact with Outlook Email functions...

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