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Crosstab Query Download

The crosstab query is one of the most challenging query methods that you will come across while programming an Access database.  Many relational database management systems do not include crosstab queries in there native query types -  thankfully Access does.

In the downloadable example we show how to count total sales of clothing items and group the data by date and item type.

Try to recreate the crosstab query using the crosstab query wizard within the create a new query option within the Access database development system.  You can also adjust column widths and hide columns that you don't want shown during the wizards step by step procedure.

Use this link to download the Access crosstab query example.

Here is a snapshot of the query in design view:

SQL Crosstab pivot transform query

It is also possible to construct a cross tabulation query manually by grouping data just as the automated method does.  However, when you manually construction the crosstab query you can also perform additional more complex grouping of data more suitable to statistical analysis and survey analysis.  Our Access histogram query is a great example of this technique.  We have devoted a who page detailing how the histogram query is constructed.  You immediately see the similarities to the crosstab example show in here.  Don't miss our Access histogram query.

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