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DoCmd Examples - Access VBA
Minimize Forms Maximize Report

Docmd Macro VBA Example

DoCmd AddMenu
DoCmd ApplyFilter
DoCmd CancelEvent
DoCmd Close
DoCmd CopyObject
DoCmd DeleteObject
DoCmd FindRecord
DoCmd FindNext
DoCmd GotoControl
DoCmd HourGlass
DoCmd Min/Max/Restore
DoCmd OpenForm
DoCmd OpenQuery
DoCmd OpenReport
DoCmd OutputTo
DoCmd RunSQL
DoCmd SendObject
DoCmd TransferDatabase
DoCmd TransferText

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Microsoft Office:
  MS Access 2003
  Access 2007
  Access 2010
  Access 2013

Microsoft Access Docmd Examples for:


The Docmd Methods: Maximize, Minimize, and Restore are often used alternately, or in a coordinated fashion within visual basic for forms.

DoCmd Maximize: Enlarge the active window so that it fills the Microsoft Access window

DoCmd Minimize: Reduce the active window to a small title bar at the bottom of the Microsoft Access window

DoCmd Restore: Restores a maximized or minimized window to its previous size.

There are no arguments to these docmd methods.

Microsoft Office:
MS Access 2003
Access 2007
Access 2010
Access 2013

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