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SQL Self Join
SQL Self Join Query Examples
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MultiSelect Parameter Forms Query Tutorial

Self Join

SQL Self Join Example

Access self join:  In this update query example we use the self join query technique to update each employee's salary by 10%.  There are at least two ways to do this update. Example c) (below) is supposed to work but I get errors in Access.  It is called a correlated subquery - if you can tell me what is wrong with it I'd really appreciate it.

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We create databases large and small. Some of our databases help run entire small businesses including travel agencies and airline reservation systems. We also handle unique businesses such as fly rod manufacturing. Did you know there are 11 steps in the making of a fly rod?

Self Join Query Code:

a)  Update M_Emp as A INNER JOIN M_Emp as B ON A.Emp_ID = B.Emp_ID SET A.Salary = B.Salary*1.1

b)  Update M_Emp as A, M_Emp as B Set A.Salary=B.Salary * 1.1
Where A.Emp_ID=B.Emp_ID

c)  Update M_Emp as A set A.Salary = (Select Salary * 1.1 from M_Emp Where M_Emp.Emp_ID = A.Emp_ID)

Note:  I have added a another feature to this self join query example - Aliases.  Aliases are where you use 'as' to establish a short nickname for a table or a field.  This alias feature helps when you have long table names or are trying to do a correlated subquery.

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