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Connect String to Access DSN

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Database Connect String to Remote Database

ADO File-DSN Database Connection String

Access DSN-Less Connection String

SQL/Server ODBC Database Connection Method Example

OLE DB UDL Database Connection String Example

Connection Open Method String Example

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Database Connection String Examples

Database connection string examples can be found by the 100's by searching the Internet - as you likely found these examples.  However, most of those examples are written in a way that makes it difficult for the novice to understand. The most difficult task for connecting an internet website to a database is getting the database connection string method to work.

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Here we will use real-world, simple database connection examples that will attempt to make the information a little easier to understand. Each link below will take you to a page dedicated to a different ADO database connection method example for connecting an Internet Database with ASP programming.

ASP, ASP.Net, VB Script, VBA & Visual Basic database connection string example methods (note: use the right-side menu links to see the full text of the example):

Connection Method Type Access Database Connection String Description
Access DSN Connection Internet to database DSN connection string is shown in the example below.  DSN connections can be used with a Microsoft Access databases and other ODBC compliant databases.
OLEDB Provider for Jet Using the OLE DB Provider for Microsoft Jet Connection String Method.
Connect to Remote DB Using the OLE DB Provider for Microsoft Access on a Remote Computer.
ADO File-DSN Connection File DSN string code is show below.  These connections can be used for Microsoft Access databases and many others.
DSN-Less Connection DSN less string example is shown in the first example below and can be used with Microsoft Access databases and others.
SQL/Server ODBC Method Using the SQL Server ODBC Connection String Method.
OLE DB UDL Connection This examples show the method for the OLE DB Data Link Connection.
Open Method Defined The Open Method is a common feature to all methods of connecting to a database.

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