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Order & Product Production Management

Tracking Product Building & Order Fulfillment Screen Sample

Products are school interior equipment.  This database manages the ordering of supplies and track building of custom components through the delivery and installation phase.

As you can see from the examples screen the database includes - punch lists, purchase orders, action items, requests for information, submittals and releases of components and shortage and damage reports.

Our programming team has 15 members containing a wide variety of technical database knowledge and programming experience. Experts in small business management and scientific database programming.

With our new partnership with IT Impact we have extensive programming support in SQL/Server database, MS Access software, Power BI applications, .Net web development, PHP, Excel & Outlook customization.

Each component of the project is shown as a simple summary view indicating various status for each of the four milestones: Submittal, Field Checks, Installation, and final Close Out Documentation.

Project item details are available with the press of a button for such items and the punch list, purchase orders, action items, RFIs, and submit/release documentation.

Blue Claw Database Design would be happy to provide you with a fixed price quote for your production management requirements.  Typical medium sized databases have average prices between $3500 and $5500.

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