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Page Subtotals Access Reports

Display Totals at Bottom of Each Page

We've notice many of you searching for an example of how to display report page subtotals at the bottom of each page of the report.  Here is what you have been looking for. Follow these steps:

Create unbound fields in the Page Footer of the report for each subtotal you want to display.

Create an On Print event procedure in the Detail section of the report.

In the on print event procedure put a global variable(s) after the 'Option Compare Database'.  In this example it is called gbl_subtot_invoice and gbl_subtot_gross.

Add the code in the Detail_Print procedure to sum up the columns as each on prints on the page.

In the On Print event of the Page Footer place the code to assign the global variables to the report variables, then clear out the global variables to prepare for the next page.

Below is an example of two pages of the output:

Report Page SubTotals

Page SubTotals Access Database Report

Note:  These global variables are not truly global. They are only global to this report.

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