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Membership List Management

Membership list databases are a common request for us.  We received requests from churches, charities and other non-profit organizations and governmental organizations.

Below is a more complex example of a membership database where there are multiple levels of memberships.  This particular database sends numerous communications to other organizations and to the members in the membership list database.

Blue Claw Database Design is your premier source of Microsoft Access programming and database support. Both small business and department-level databases. Desktop installation as well as cloud/internet based solutions.

Did you know that most template databases often do not do exactly what you need done? We can create a custom template that fits your needs exactly.

The membership management database also has a SQL/Server Internet component that is bi-directionally synchronized every couple of minutes.  Member's signup on the Internet website and within a minute or two their new membership records appear in the Access database ready for further processing and annotation.  The ability to use a friendly Access user interface significantly increases the utility and functionality of the database.  The overall cost was greatly reduced since implementation of an Access-like interface would increase the costs by a factor of four.

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