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Customer and Website Visitor Feedback

Nearly every day we received feedback from our customers and website visitors about our service, site & programming assistance.  Below you'll find a few examples:

Mr. Joseph,

I just want to let you know that I so happy with that software, it over exceed my expectation. Thank you so much.

I probably will give you an call tomorrow, I just have some questions. Best Regards!! Lazaro

From Peter:

"I've been in the software IT industry for over 30 years and have worked
with hundreds of programmers. Joe went way beyond the call in helping me
solve a problem. He was personable, nice to work with, and possessed the
rarest of rare traits for programmers: he was humble. Though my project with
him was tiny, you could tell he treated it with great care. I'd work with
him again in a heartbeat. The fact that I was in Hawaii and he was in
Florida, a 5-6 hour time difference, didn't affect us at all. Mahalo Joe!"

My business is in Kansas City and I found Joe when doing a search for database builders. Even though Joe is a flight away from Kansas City, he has worked extensively with me to build me a database that serves as the most crucial component of my business. He has integrated all of the daily functional aspects of my business into the database to run in perfect sync. The day-to-day business activities now run so much more efficiently and have minimized the chance of human error.
Joe is great to work with, always makes himself available, and above everything else- makes sure I'm happy as we move forward integrating new components into the database together. I highly recommend Blue Claw Database Design.

-Scott Kluck


I have been working on a database for a few weeks and have been trying to get cascading combo boxes to work for about 1/2 that time. It was your example out of about 30 on the web that finally helped me.

I appreciate your contribution to the novice community.

thanks much,

Hi Joe,

I hope you remember me I called you for the issue in the combo box
transferring the dependent value from one form to another in Access, I just wanted to
say that because of your help I was able to resolve it, and then once the drop down
values are working, they were not updating in the detailed view from record to record, and for the longest time it was a mystery, but finally I tried the requery OnCurrent method and now all of a sudden the values starting to update on every record.
Man it's so good, that was the highlight of the day, but it happened
because I talked to you and you helped me understand the dynamics further.
Thanks and I will send you my database so that may be somebody else can
benefit from this and may not have to scratch their heads and pull their hair before
understanding the solution.

Thanks again for all the help.


I just want to thank you for such a great reference site. I am an absolute beginner at Access, but researching the internet each time I need to learn something has helped me advance quickly. I have to say though; most of the reference came from your site. Primarily when I do forms for data entry with the combo-boxes. It is very easy to understand and I have learned so much. Thank you for the time you put into it and for making it available to those of us not quite 'there' yet.

Have a good one, Haley

Hi Joseph,

I struggled the whole day with the findfirst function of access and got the answer I needed from your site  I needed to change my quotation marks as I wasn't searching a numeric field.

Just wanted to say thanks



No need to respond I don't have a question. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to put out such detailed examples of some of the more challenging aspects of MS Access. I never go a day w/out learning something new, & your website is a tremendous resource for doing so. Thanks again Mike


I just wanted to send my thanks for an article on your site.  I recently 
completed a database course, but have very little experience with 
Microsoft Access.  The page below was very helpful in putting the concepts 
learned from the course into practice.

The page I'm referring to is:

I have found some very useful demos on your site to help me to expand my Access development skills. Particular useful was your work on global variables and their use in queries. Exactly what I was searching the web for.
Thank you,


Hello Joseph

I had a brief conversation with you today concerning Ms Access and the slow process with select queries.  I thank you very much for taking the time out to answer my questions and will recommend to others your services.



I just wanted to thank you for the tip you gave me below. Its a nice idea, and one I hadn't thought of.

As it happens, I was looking for the wrong solution. I was getting a return of the data but didn't know it at the time. I was expecting that it would show the data after selecting it with the SQL statement, and without clicking on the combo box I was populating.

It took me a while to figure out that I wasn't setting the ListIndex value to row 0.
(Me!cboCasePerson.ListIndex = 0)
Once I did that, it all fell into place and the field was correctly populated.

Thanks again for the nudge in the right direction.



Mr. Dean,
Thank you for posting the "Populate Two Form Fields >From Drop Down List" article on the Blue Claw website.


I just want to let you know that this site is excellent. I have learnt a
great deal about Access from your site.

I have strongly recommended this site to alot of the Access users and wanna
be Access developers.

Once again thank you very much and keep posting new ideas.


Judy S.

Thank you SO much the expression builder (which I didn't understand how to use until you pointed me in that direction) came up with the same expression I did, but going through it made me realize you were right -- I didn' t reference the date field properly in the form. It works beautifully now! The general direction you gave was exactly what I needed. Thank you thank you!


Thanks for the help, your site has been a terrific reference. I appreciate it!


Can I just say how delighted I was with your list of 'reserved words'!! I had come across 'Name' and assumed it was just such a 'reserved word' since using it as a field name meant that in a report the name of the actual report was printed, rather than the contents of the name field! But in Access no such list is available - or at least what it does not include 'Name', Width, Length etc!! How helpful is this!! (At least to prove I'm not mad). Also your description of normalisation - am having to get to grips with teaching a syllabus which includes lots of these terms It turns out I'm using these features all the time in my database design role - without knowing what they were called. So many thanks for a VERY helpful, easy to read website whose aim to communicate is amply fulfilled. Thank you.


Turns out that i figured it out, thanks for helping me and being kind. I very much appreciate it. As for your website could you let me know some example of the capabilites of the database building you offer as I wont build my own databases for my businesses and i am a novice.


Thank you so much for your time in replying to my mail. You have provided a well explanation over my interst int knowing better of how these syntax works. By the way; I like your site. Its kind of friendly and well explain in the concept of SQL. I will continue to use your site as a source of my work if you don't mine..thank you once again...


The clue is in your answer ~ The footer was too short and the "space" was
the amount the footer was short of a full page.
I simply increased the footer size of the sub-page and the gap disappeared.

Thanks for taking the time to reply

Thank you for your site. I love it!

One suggestion though, the powder blue hyperlinks are very hard to see.

Thanks again.



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