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Histogram Query


Preventive Maintenance: PM Management Systems

Hourly & Monthly Schedules for Equipment PM

Preventive maintenance software is challenging to program because of the main two methods for scheduling PMs: by run-time hours, pressure readings and monthly intervals.  We have developed tables and queries that allow you to track almost any method of PM scheduling - such as vacuum pressure gauge readings on pumps, and more.  The screen below is where the user defines each item of equipment or machinery and one or many schedules of PM tasks.

Blue Claw Database Design is your premier source of Microsoft Access programming and database support. Both small business and department-level databases. Desktop installation as well as cloud/internet based solutions.

Did you know that most template databases often do not do exactly what you need done? We can create a custom template that fits your needs exactly.

Primary topics on the main menu are:

  • Equipment Records Management
  • Equipment Meter Readings
  • Current Equipment PM Status
  • Maintenance Reports
  • List Maintenance

Numeric readings are entered on the Readings tab and any regular interval.  The PMs Due tab automatically calculates and displays those PM records which require activation due to the numeric reading.  Calendar time based PM intervals are handled on the same PMs Due screen making the database very simple for the user to manage and track PM required actions.

Equipment Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

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