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Toxic Release (EPA-TRI Data) Database Sample

EPA Tri Database Management & Analysis Database Example Screen

Toxics Release (TRI) is a EPA database which contains information on listed toxic chemical releases and other waste management activities to be reported annually by companies who meet minimum quantity thresholds. This TRI was established by the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986 (EPCRA) and expanded by the Pollution Prevention Act of 1990.

Companies in the USA must report the handling of a long list of chemical each year to the US government.  The major streams of chemical handling are releases, transfers and recycling/recovery.  A data analysis screen is show below for our TRI Data Analysis database.  The database was originally written in the 1st version of Microsoft Access in 1994.

The interface allows the user to drill down to four levels of data and these can be selected in any combination - chemical, year, state, etc.  Additionally, the data may be filtered to include Releases, Transfers, or Recycling & Recovery data.

EPA Tri-data analysis database

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