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Environmental Compliance Issues Management & Tracking

Tracking Compliance Issue - EPA Environmental Regulation Management

Mitigation and prevention of environmental issues are a large concern to corporations throughout the USA.  The screen show below gives a brief peek at an environmental tracking and issue & incident management database.

Some of the key feature are periodic monitor management, dynamic links to photos, maps and CAD drawings.  Some of the specific issues tracking in this database involve above ground and underground tanks - each of which require varying degrees inspection and testing to assure EPA environmental law compliance.

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Photos and CAD drawing can be linked to each tank record and easily displayed using the Show Chart button.  The dynamic link methods prevents the Access database from becoming bloated with graphic images by storing these documents outside of the database.

The organization of the tank data combined with the monitoring and scheduling of tank inspections offers the users a simple method to adhere to the EPA tank monitoring requirements.  This Access database significantly reduces time that used to be required to adhere to the requirements.

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