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Contact Management Software: Mailing & Communication Tools

Customer Communications Optimizer

The Mailing Tools function of the contact management database offers a user interface for identifying a subset of the contacts and members within the contact database. Contacts may be selected by organization, event, project, and association membership.  This feature provides unparallel power and flexibility - all with a user friendly, intuitive interface.

A few clicks of the mouse allows select of thousands of combinations of contact characteristics.  Communications can be send to spreadsheets for further process, Emails with and without attachments, and optionally faxes.

Customer contact and communication tools are exemplified here.  In this screen we are preparing to send emails to a member contacts.  You can see on the right side of the form that there is a subject line for the email 'Announcements', and a message body asking the recipient to attend the meeting at a specific location and time. Optionally, an attachment to the email may be specified - in this case we are sending a PDF document detailing the meeting agenda.

With slight modification you may be able to use this database template for your contact management.  Or, you may hire our programmers to create a custom database matching your exact specifications.

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