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Openform Example Download

In this downloadable Access database example we show you how to setup the docmd.openform method in Access Visual Basic.  Additionally we demonstrate how to set and read the open arguments option of the docmd.openform method.

The example involves a simple Access inventory database.  The form contains a field for the General Contractor (GC).  We have added a Double click event to the GC combo box field.  If the user double clicks on the GC field then a new form opens displaying the detailed information for the selected general contractor.  The VB code also demonstrates how to filter records with the openargs command line options.

Here is a snapshot of the database with the GC details screen opened after double clicking:

Docmd Openform with Open Argument option

Use this link to download the docmd.openform with openargs Access database example.

While the openargs method is obviously useful and simple we prefer to use the global variable method to pass parameters to open forms since we use this method to pass parameters to other database objects such as queries.  One nice feature of using global variables is that they always work the same way and therefore makes coding consistent and simple once the techniques are memorized.  Check out our Access global variables as query parameters example.  Note that we have tested our examples in Access 2007 and Access 2010

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