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Docmd.RunSQL Access Database Example

The Microsoft Access RunSQL method performs the RunSQL action in Visual Basic.  This command is used to execute sql query code within Access Visual Basic. Typically you would want to use the docmd.runsql for Update Queries and Delete Queries.  If you want to work with the data in VBA then you would do a Select Query using a Recordset operation.
MS Access Runsql Example

SQL Statement -  A required variant string expression that is  a valid SQL statement for an action query or a data-definition query. Examples are Update, Delete, Insert Into, etc., queries.

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Use Transaction - Optional Variant. Use True (-1) to include this query in a transaction. Use False (0) if you don't want to use a transaction. If you leave this argument blank, the default (True) is assumed.  See our tutorial on Access Transaction Processing.

MS Access RunSQL Example:

Public Sub RUN_Query

    Dim SQL_Text as String

    SQL_Text = "Delete * from M_Employees"

    Docmd.RunSQL (SQL_Text, false)

End Sub

The RunSQL command is one of the most powerful features of Access Visual Basic.  The programmer has the ability to perform all the logic and data validation functions within VBA and has the power of SQL all within the same environment. 

New! Download a running example of the Docmd.RunSQL Method

Such functions as creating temporary tables and building queries based on the user's responses to question creates an environment of almost infinite flexibility.

A tip for creating your own RunSQL code is the create your query in the Access Query Design tool and then view the SQL view and copy and paste the SQL code into your Visual Basice window... this will give you a great starting point.

Below is an example of appending data to a temporary table based on the records within a master form on the screen.  We use a local variable (SQLText) to hold the SQL text - this makes debugging easier because you can use a MsgBox to display the value of SQLText and you can also place the SQLText value into a little text field on the form and that way you can copy it and paste it in the Access Query Design tool to help debug problems. This example gives us programmatic control of the details form data.  Note that the records for the detail form comes from separate tables.  This query could also have been done using a Union query:

Private Sub Form_Current()
Dim SQLText As String

' JW Dean Blue Claw Database Design <% Response.write "Updated On " & now-100 %>

' disable editing if previous order number has been filledin
If IsNull(Me.Previous_Order_) = True Then
Me.AllowEdits = True
Me.AllowEdits = False
End If

' clear out temp table
DoCmd.RunSQL "Delete * from t_orders"
'create and run the append queries
"FROM SOP10200 where SOPNumbe='" & Me.Previous_Order_ & "' or sopnumbe='" & Me.ReplOrder_ & "' or sopnumbe='" & Me.CR_ & "'"
DoCmd.RunSQL SQLText
"FROM SOP30300 where SOPNumbe='" & Me.Previous_Order_ & "' or sopnumbe='" & Me.ReplOrder_ & "' or sopnumbe='" & Me.CR_ & "'"
DoCmd.RunSQL SQLText
' refresh the form
End Sub

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Microsoft Office:
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Access 2013

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