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Self Join Query

Chemical Constituent Analysis of Sediment Core Sample

Demonstration of Complex Query Form for Constituent Analysis of Sediment Core Samples

The form below contains about 50 dynamically overlaid forms for selection of query parameters.  The parameterized queries are used to analyze chemical constituents within the sediment core samples.

This data analysis screen provide the user with capability to select and filter from literally 100's of data fields within a sediment core data set.  The form also provides for multi-parameter comparison of chemical constituents.  All queries are created dynamically in VBA code. This single query screen gives the user the ability do cross subject analysis for correlation studies and to analyze data for the following subjects:

Since 2000 we have developed nearly 500 databases for clients throughout the world. See a sample of them at our recent clients page.

15 years ago we were putting Access database on the web using Active Server Page (ASP) programming language for the user interface. See examples of Access on the Internet.

  • Chemistry
  • Numeric Biology Data
  • Descriptive Biology Data
  • Mineralogy
  • Lithology
  • PHI (grain size)
  • Stratigraphy
  • Texture

This form looks fairly simply at first glance however the complex queries generated behind the forms reached the limit of Access's capabilities.  Literally millions of data points where analyzed within a few minutes of processing time.

Sediment Sample Core Analysis Query Definition Form

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