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Access on The Cloud

We no longer highly recommend Amazon AWS unless you have the knowledge and staff to manage it.  Amazon's support is customer support is lacking lacking.  There are many smaller companies who do hosting of all types - including cloud-based hosting for Microsoft Access database.  Often these companies provide excellent service.  Call us for our recommendation for specific hosting companies.  We can help put an existing database on the cloud or put a database we develop for you up there.  Not that the monthly cost of a 5 concurrent user setup is something on the order of $500-$600 per month.  A single user setup or a shared account minimum cost would be around $150 per month.

So, you don't need SQL/Server or Azure for your department or small company database.   Get your database up on the cloud in one day!

Access In The Cloud! We can put your Access database in the cloud for multi-user Access from anywhere. No programming changes needed. Call 410 708-1417

Here are our original thoughts on Amazon AWS....

Microsoft Access cloud database running on Amazon AWS can be setup at Amazon.  Amazon AWS is a good alternative to Microsoft's Office 365 which provides similar web-based access to database (read more about Office 365. The primary benefits to running Access on the Cloud are the elimination of onsite local servers and the employees or contractors needed to support those servers.  I found the instructions to be somewhat scattered all over and the terminology was foreign to me but I worked it out after an hour or so. That said and with perhaps a long weekend of reviewing videos and reading along with some forum studying - it is possible to setup a multiuser Access Cloud-based database on the Internet.  This database can provide access  the database for your users for all of your users who need to connect to the database.  Connection to the Access Cloud database can be done while travelling, from the home, or at the office. This concept has been around for many years. One of my customers used Rackspace over 10 years ago to setup an Access cloud database for their small company.

Here is more info from Amazon:

AWS Cloud Microsoft Office Database

Read all about Access Cloud databases at Amazon EC2/AWS services.

Call us call or email today - contact page.

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