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AfterInsert Event Access

VBA Form Event Examples - Visual Basic Code Samples

AfterInsert event occurs in VBA after a new record has been added to the source table of the form.

AfterInsert Event Example:

Here we popup a message to the user when a new record is inserted:

Private Sub Form_AfterInsert()
  MsgBox "The new employee record has been created"
End Sub

Or, requery a combo box after a new entry has been inserted:

Private Sub Form_AfterInsert()
End Sub

In Access 2010 Microsoft has extended Access's capability by adding several events to the tables.  The new after insert table event gives you the ability to create a macro to run when a record is inserted into a data table.  We use this to insert result records in a master detail table relationship.

Try a running after insert event example here:

Inventory Calculations Example with After Insert Event
Recently added to this demo are complex form footer sum calculations and an example of an after insert (afterinsert) event procedure. ...

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