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Microsoft Access Consulting Rates

No Project Too Small - No Question Too Basic

No fee until we deliver!

For larger projects we may require a retainer fee to cover the many hours of upfront work needed for these projects.   For smaller project that are well defined we try to provide fixed price quotes.  Project-level work for these fixed priced projects includes time allocated for:

  • Upfront discussion & design time

  • Programming

  • Testing/review with customer

  • Revisions/tweaks.

  • Testing/final customer review

  • Training

  • Support for one year (minimum)

90% of our custom-designed Access databases cost between $1000 and $4500.  All quotes and rates are negotiable.

After paying for the database you will have all the source programming code and you are not required to come back to us for any future development.  All new database projects are supported for a minimum of one year.  This includes bug fixes and answers to technical questions.  For example - if you want to try to create a query or report on your own then we will help to get you started.

The one-year support does not include moving the database to a new operating system or a newer version of Microsoft Access - although we will make a 'best effort' to assist.

We will not guarantee databases that:

  • Run more than 15 concurrent users.

  • Run over a wide area network (VPN, etc.).  We do support remote connections using Citrix Presentation Server or Windows Terminal Services.

  • Run over a wireless network of any type

Short questions with short answers are always free (send via email).

Access developers:  don't waste your time struggling with a MS Access problem.  Call us and we will get you going again in just a few minutes at a reasonable price. We are:

  • Fast, responsive, knowledgeable, exceptionally experienced

  • CCR registered for US Government tasks

  • Certified Computing Professionals (CCP - ICCP)

Our databases are:

  • Fully guaranteed against programming errors - any errors fixed free of charge

  • Fully supported for a minimum of one year

  • Designed for maximum reliability, efficiency, and longevity

  • Professionally developed by certified computer consultants

We won't:

  • Charge for repairing our mistakes

  • Soak you, cheat you, or leave you high-and-dry

  • Try to make a mountain out of a mole hill

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