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Access 2007 Security Warning

When you first open Microsoft Access 2007, 2010 & 2013 database you may come across a security warning as shown below (Security Warning: Certain content in the database has been disabled )

Microsoft Access 2010 Security Warning

The security warning will disable visual basic and macros within the database.

Microsoft Access is a fully capable database and it's primary limitations is the number of concurrent users it will support. Generally, we recommend a limit of 10 to 15 users.

We create databases large and small. Some of our databases help run entire small businesses. We also handle unique businesses such as flyrod manufacturing, cheese making, marina management, and cable tv inventory.

If you click the Options button you will be able to temporarily bypass this security warning or you may permanently turn off the security warning for this database location.

We will show you how to turn off the security warning permanently.

What is a trusted location?

From Microsoft Office TechNet:

The trusted locations feature of the 2007 Microsoft Office system enables you to designate folders on the hard disks of users' computers or on a network share as trusted file sources. When a folder is designated as a trusted file source, any file that is saved in the folder is assumed to be a trusted file. When a trusted file is opened, all content in the file is enabled and active, and users are not notified about any potential risks that might be contained in the file, such as unsigned macros, ActiveX controls, or links to content on the Internet.

To fix the security warning 'Certain content in the database has been disabled':

1)  Click on the Options button at the end of the security warning message and the Security Options window will display (see below).

Access 2013 Security Warning Options

Click the Open the Trust Center link in the lower left corner to start the process of adding a new trusted location. 

The Trust Center window will open as shown below.

trust center menu window

Click on the Trusted Locations button as shown above... Then click on the Add new location button in the window above.  The Trusted Location window will appear as shown below.  Here you type in the location (drive letter and folder name) of the location of the Access database.  Note that you can also use the Browse button to find the location and click to add it to the list to avoid typing mistakes.

Add Trusted Location Folder

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